Adaptive & Assistive Features on Chromebooks/Chrome OS

Students at Blytheville High School: New Tech are issued a Chromebook to use in a one-to-one technology, project-based learning environment.  According to legislation entitled Universal Design of Learning (UDL), technology must “give all individuals equal opportunities to learn” (Roblyer, 2016, p. 405).  The Chrome operating system used by each Chromebook offers many accessibility features to… Read More Adaptive & Assistive Features on Chromebooks/Chrome OS

Obstacles to Technology Integration in Math Classes

Roblyer stated in Integrating Educational Technology in Teaching, “a curricular “war” has long raged between those who believe that students must be taught to memorize certain basic math skills and those who feel that the focus should be on deeper conceptual mathematical knowledge and insights” (2016, p. 311).  The first big challenge of integrating technology… Read More Obstacles to Technology Integration in Math Classes

EDTECH Graphic

In some aspects, educational technology seems like a very broad term that could describe any hardware or software used in learning or teaching.  In other ways, this term seems limiting because it does not seem to take into consideration the planning, using, and evaluating of technology in the classroom.  The expectation of practicing ethically cannot… Read More EDTECH Graphic

Social Networking and Walled Gardens

Voicethread Link Think for just a moment about living in a gated community, or perhaps within the walls of a great castle.  What are the benefits of living in such conditions?  For the most part, you would be familiar with those living around you.  Furthermore, you would be protected from dangers looming on the… Read More Social Networking and Walled Gardens

School Evaluation Summary

The process of evaluating the technology maturity of a school revealed the many aspects required to successful integrate technology.  It’s a balance between teaching practice and technical technique.  Each of the filters within the Maturity Benchmark contains the behavioral actions of stakeholders and the resource technology in place to guide these actions. In the context… Read More School Evaluation Summary