Effective Assessments in PBL

Effective assessments, according to data from “What Kids Can Do,” are for students, faithful to the work students actually do, public, and promotes ongoing self-reflection and critical inquiry. Reflection and self-evaluation of the planned assessments for my EDTECH 542 project “Campus Beautification Project” appear to be on the right track. For quality one, assessments for… Read More Effective Assessments in PBL

Obstacles to Technology Integration in Math Classes

Roblyer stated in Integrating Educational Technology in Teaching, “a curricular “war” has long raged between those who believe that students must be taught to memorize certain basic math skills and those who feel that the focus should be on deeper conceptual mathematical knowledge and insights” (2016, p. 311).  The first big challenge of integrating technology… Read More Obstacles to Technology Integration in Math Classes