PBL Debriefing

One of the great attributes of the project-based learning model is the opportunity educators have to “live” PBL in front of their students. This is particularly true as the project comes to an end in the classroom. Now it’s time to reflect upon the project itself!  How did it go? Did you and your students… Read More PBL Debriefing

School Evaluation Summary

The process of evaluating the technology maturity of a school revealed the many aspects required to successful integrate technology.  It’s a balance between teaching practice and technical technique.  Each of the filters within the Maturity Benchmark contains the behavioral actions of stakeholders and the resource technology in place to guide these actions. In the context… Read More School Evaluation Summary

Tech Trends in Education

According to the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report, one solvable challenge to educational technology adoption in the classroom is personalized learning implementation (The New Media Consortium [NMC], 2014).  According to the article, this problem is considered solvable because technology is already available to address the issue. This idea of using technology to tailor instruction and… Read More Tech Trends in Education