EDTECH Graphic

In some aspects, educational technology seems like a very broad term that could describe any hardware or software used in learning or teaching.  In other ways, this term seems limiting because it does not seem to take into consideration the planning, using, and evaluating of technology in the classroom.  The expectation of practicing ethically cannot be forgotten as well.

I love to use analogies to explain concepts that otherwise seem difficult to understand.  As I read about and researched the definition of educational technology, I began to think about what sort of imagery could be used to depict the different aspects present in the definition; the game of baseball came to mind.  Similar to educational technology, the seemingly simple game is made up of many aspects, particularly at the major league level.

Using Piktochart, I decided to create an infographic to illustrate the aspects of educational technology within a professional baseball game.  The web-based application had a slight learning curve; however, the many templates, vast icon library, and easy to follow menus allowed me to get started easily.  Piktochart allows users to download their creations as an image or pdf, or publish them online as an image or presentation.

I started with sabermetrics, and connected this statistical analysis to the reflective practice of edtech.  Next, I included problems that challenge ethical practice in both educational technology and playing baseball.  Although both are governed by both rules or laws, they also share unwritten expectations that help regulate behavior and outcomes within the professions.  For learning, sports coaching and ball practice are excellent pictures of the type of facilitated learning supported by educational technology.  Both baseball managers and educational facilitators are tasked with creating the environment and conditions needed for growth to occur.  Learning and growth happens because individual performance is continually analyzed and refined to increase effectiveness, and this in turn leads to organizational success.  As managers make these decisions, umpires guarantee that these decisions are appropriate.  Within educational technology, both of these roles are fulfilled within the facilitator.  As experts in “knowledge, skills, and attitudes”, solutions and strategies are both practically and ethically appropriate.  Educational technology (and major baseball) is a profession distinct from similar work completed by amateurs.

Graphic: Piktochart Infographic


Januszewski, A., Molenda, M., Yeaman, A. R., Eastmond, Jr., J. N., & Napper, V. S. (2008). Educational technology: A definition with commentary. New York, New York: Routledge.


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