About Me

My name is Tyler Isbell, and I am a math teacher at Blytheville High School: New Tech.  I have taught in Blytheville, Arkansas for three years, and have recently been selected as instructional team leader for the math department.  Currently, I teach Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 3, and AP Statistics.  As well as teaching 9th through 12 graders, I also train teachers in Google Apps in Education.  I hope to complete certification as a trainer in the next couple of weeks.

Why a blog?

The purpose of this blog is to provide space to collect my thoughts, work samples, reflections, and examples as I pursue my Masters of Educational Technology at Boise State University.

Why a M.E.T. Degree?

Two years ago, I volunteered to be a part of a new program at our school called New Tech.  It IS a one to one initiative to give every student a laptop, but it IS NOT ONLY a one to one initiative.  Technology is an important tool with the program, but developing a culture of learning, having a growth mindset and developing 21st century skills are also important aspects of being a New Tech school.  I have always been excited about the technology that was handed to our students, but I want to know more about how to use it effectively so my students and I can maximize our time in the classroom.  While I have always seemed to have a knack at figuring out new technology, I want to grow as an educator in knowing how to implement technology in ways that enhance learning and not distract from it.  Furthermore, I have discovered that I love teaching technology to my fellow educators. After completing a few more years in the classroom and earning my Master’s degree, I would love to pursue a position where I could continue to train and teach other educators.

EDTECH 501: Introduction Video