Advantages of Using Multimedia in the Classroom


National Teacher Training Institute. (n.d.). Why use video in the classroom? Retrieved from

Roblyer, M. (2016). Integrating educational technology into teaching (Seventh ed., p. 204). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education.

Video Blog Script:

My name is Tyler Isbell, and I teach upper level math at Blytheville High School: New Tech.  I wanted to take a few moments and describe the advantages of using multimedia in the classroom.

According to the National Teacher Training Institute, effective multimedia use in the classroom increases connections “between curriculum topics” and connections “between these topic and the world outside the classroom” (n.d.).  Multimedia removes barriers created by time, space, or language.  Students are able to explore places that are otherwise unreachable, see concepts and processes that are otherwise invisible, and have access to information that would otherwise only available in the classroom during a certain time period.

Furthermore, as demonstrated in a scenario in the textbook, Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, multimedia gives teachers the opportunity to “flip” the classroom.  This model allows students to have access to instructional and supplemental video resources at their disposal, while the teacher has more time to focus on “students who were struggling” (Roblyer, 2016).

My problem-based learning lesson on inverse trig. ratios provides several examples of the use of multimedia in the classroom.  Videos are used to hook students into lesson intros, present instruction to both previous and new content, offer authentic or real-life information related to a math problem, and broaden a student’s perspective.

Lessons as these in flipped, project-, and problem-based learning would not be possible without the use of multimedia and other technology in the classroom.


3 thoughts on “Advantages of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. Nicely done, Tyler. You did a good job pointing out the benefits of multimedia (especially ” removes barriers created by time, space, or language’ and “explore places that are otherwise unreachable, see concepts and processes that are otherwise invisible”. I like that you included the script!


  2. Tyler, thanks for including the script. So often, we forget those pieces that make the video more accessible for more students. Since you’ve already got it digitally, you should consider closed captioning your YouTube video as well 🙂
    I appreciate your analysis of the barriers that multimedia can overcome. In science, the ability of video to speed up or slow down processes, or the ability to use telescopic or microscopic views really does allow students to see things that are otherwise invisible!


  3. I too really liked that you included the script in your presentation. That is something important that I didn’t even think about. I saw how others had some closed captioning on theirs as well. These are areas of multimedia that I need to practice with to get better at. This area is my weakest when it comes to technology in the classroom. One area that I also am exploring is what you talked about in your video, flipping the classroom. I would like to do this more to “catch up” students on concepts that they missed before they began in my current classroom. This will help me incorporate more multimedia into my classroom.


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