Tackling the Chickasaw Digital Divide.

In creating my first voicetread, I learned quite a bit about using slides in a presentation.  The best way to summarize it would be in the two statements: “Less is more” and “Let the main thing be the main thing.”  Rather than filling slides full of distracting pictures, fonts, and animations that take away from the message the presenter is trying to convey, it is important to only use items that drive the audience to the main idea.  It actually seemed to take longer to choose less items, especially when each selection had to have a specific purpose.

In regards to the digital divide that many of our students and community members face, I learned that it goes much deeper than simply having access to the internet.  I think the best line I read during my study was, “You might have the internet, but you cannot apply for a job on the Playstation 4.”  That line was confirmed in my experiences with my students.  Many have smartphones and tablets, but they do not have a clue how to use them to better their education or future careers.  We still have a lot of work to do to help close that gap for our students.  I hope to use what I now know about the gap to make a conscience effort to teach my students how to use the internet for more than social media.  Furthermore, I will strive to not fall into the myth that simply handing them more technology will solve their problems or that they must already know how to use it because they are kids.

To improve my artifact, I would definitely spend more time rehearsing my reading/speaking.  I found myself having to edit or change the script in the middle of reading.  I would also spend a little more time finding media that would fit my presentation, perhaps even including a video clip that would help define the problem of the digital divide.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1z1U_nyqO8O8SxsKC1pd47Am6jdkz8-iLGMDJ63nzHKE/edit?usp=sharing



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